Sterling .410 GA 3/8oz 2.5in Shotgun Ammunition 201.36 Gauge 500 rounds




Product Info for Sterling .410 GA 3/8oz 2.5in Shotgun Ammunition

Imagine! There is a heavy snowfall, the hunting ground has become so white that we can not see anything. We are trying to find a placeto hide our vehicle from the flying gooses and start to a long walking towards our barricade. Then we stretch our net in order to camouflage ourselves. The weather is -10 degrees. We pray that the decoys attract the flying gooses. The Sterling 36 Gr. Shot shell specifically manufactured for cold weathers provides high pressureby the means of slow burning gun powder. The large grained pellets never miss the target at 50 m with perfect dispersion. The bloating in the cold barrel due to the high pressure is prevented with the long metal case head and your gun never misfire.

Specifications for Sterling .410 GA 3/8oz 2.5in Shotgun Ammunition:

Gauge: .410
Number of Rounds: 500
Shot Size: 8
Shell Length: 2 1/2 in
Muzzle Velocity: 1263 ft/s
Shotgun Shot Weight: 3/8 oz

Package Contents:

  • Sterling .410 GA 3/8oz 2.5in Centerfire Shotgun Ammunition
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