Nosler Varmageddon Ammunition 22 Hornet 35 Grain Tipped Flat Base 500 rounds




Nosler Varmageddon ammunition is specifically designed to be the end of the world for any varmint in its path. Available with either a hollow point or polymer tip, this flat based bullet design delivers high velocities and extreme terminal performance on varmints at long ranges. Available in several different calibers and loads, Varmageddon ammunition is sure to meet all your varmint hunting needs. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.


Over the years, Nosler has built its reputation through the production of quality, consistent, and reliable products for hunters and shooters alike. Built upon bullets such as the ever popular Partition and the Solid Base, Nosler has continuously proven its ability to produce technologically advanced, deadly bullets and ammunition.


  • Cases checked for correct length
  • Necks sized, chamfered and trued
  • Flash holes checked for proper alignment
  • Powder charges are meticulously weighed
  • Finished rounds are visually inspected and polished
  • High-performance powder and bullet combinations

Product Information

22 Hornet
Grain Weight
35 Grains
500 Round
Muzzle Velocity
3000 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
699 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Polymer Tip
Bullet Brand And Model
Nosler Varmageddon
Lead Free
Case Type
G1 Ballistic Coefficient
Sectional Density
Velocity Rating
Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Nosler Varmageddon Ammunition 22 Hornet 35 Grain Tipped Flat Base 500 rounds

  1. Zeus

    A friend told me how well the FTX bullet does in his 30-30 so I gave it a try in the 300 BLK. This factory load does 2,070 fps in my 16″ AR and 1,953 fps in my 10.3″ AR. Accuracy is around 1″ at 50 yards but was not tested much. 2 of us took our 300 BLK’s hog hunting last month. Me with the 16…

  2. Anthoumeh

    Very accurate in my Ruger American Ranch rifle.
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  3. Lion

    No issues with this ammo. Loads into my mags easily and cycles through my rifle as expected. I always look to Hornady when i need to replenish my stock.

  4. Lolish

    Reasonable price. Really good accuracy from my heavy barreled , under 1MOA at 100yds. Took two deer with one shot each; instant harvest. Ammo of this quality makes it hard to justify reloading!

  5. devon

    I harvested two does with this round this past season. Both of them were dropped in their tracks. Very impressive expansion, but not too much meat damage. Also, got a hog as well. My shot placement on the hog was terrible, but the bullet did its job nonetheless and the hog only ran about 50 yards.
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  6. Chloe

    This was the clear winner in the accuracy department between 3 other tested loads in my budget deer upper. Under an inch at 100 yards with a BCA barrel and MBT trigger. I always try several loads with any new gun I purchase and hornady has always been a solid performer.

  7. Tiger

    Excellent bullet I would recommend it very highly

  8. Aisa

    Spontaneous and good service. Holds groups well

  9. Larval

    Shot a deer from a ground blind at about 130yds. through a 16″ barell IWI Tavor. The shot was a little high but went through both shoulders and severed the spine and left a large exit wound. I would recommend this round for deer and younger hunters because the recoil is so light.

  10. Cathe

    Most accurate factory ammo I’ve found yet for my Blackout Ruger Mini-14 Tactical. Came in just a hair over MOA at 100 yards for accuracy. I’ve used Hornady FTX bullets in .35 Remington and .45-70 since they were introduced with great results on local Maine whitetails, and I’m looking forward to see how these loads perform this fall during deer season.

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