Buy Kel-Tec RDB Carbine 5.56 Rifle Online

Buy Kel-Tec RDB Carbine 5.56 Rifle Online features 

  • Caliber    .223Rem    5.56x45mm
  • Weight Unloaded    6.7lbs    3kg
  • Magazine Capacity    20 or any AR15 compatible magazine
  • Overall Length    27.3”     693mm
  • Barrel Length    17.3”     439mm
  • Twist Rate    1:7”    1:178mm
  • Trigger Pull    4.5-5.5lbs    20-25N

The Keltec RDB is the new definition of bullpup. Keltec set out to eliminate the most common issue with the bullpup design, starting with Its downward shell ejection system which eliminates the side ejection disadvantage of ordinary bullpups. The result is brass and gas that eject out of your line of sight making it a truly ambidextrous, high performance rifle for everyone. The RDB is also adjustable for a wide variety of ammunition and makes for an excellent suppressor host. It’s definitely the bullpup done right.

Please Note: Listing is for Rifle only, Optic and flashlight NOT INCLUDED



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Through an ingenious and simple arrangement Kel-Tec have solved the main disadvantage of Bullpup rifles; case ejection. Traditional side ejection is not ambidextrous and forward eject, like in the FN 2000 or the Kel-Tec RFB, is quite complex.

The RDB (Rifle Downward-eject Bullpup) features a rotary bolt with a spring loaded ejector and an extractor facing down. The spent case is pulled backwards along the top of the magazine and then ejected through a vertical chute. The hammer is U-shaped and runs outside the chute and above the magazine. Obviously, the bolt travel is longer than traditional designs but well within the ergonomic constraints of a rifle. Other advantages are gravity assisted ejection, higher bolt energy at feeding and a slower full auto rate (when applicable).


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