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Buy Barnett Wildcat C7 Crossbow Online, Barnett Wildcat C7 Crossbow For Sale Online, Barnett Wildcat C7 Crossbow In Stock Online. The Barnett Wildcat C series deliver years after years a great product to their lovers. The C7 encompass the latest Barnett technology to increase even more its efficiency. At a fair price, you are handling a high-end crossbow technology.



  • Speed: Up to 330 FPS,
  • Draw weight: 125 lbs.,
  • Power Stroke: 14.125″
  • Width: 20.25″ axle to axle,
  • Mass Weight: 7.6 lbs.


The Barnett Wildcat C7 Crossbow Package Includes:

  • A 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Scope
  • A Rope Cocking Device
  • A Lightweight Quiver
  • Two 20” Headhunter™ Arrows
  • A Sample of Lubrication Wax


The Barnett Wildcat C7 Crossbow Package offers 2017 crossbow technology. Based on its predecessor structure, the Wildcat C7 integrates the newest features from Barnett crossbows at a really affordable price.

They kept the same sober vented design with the green-black contrast to keep the attention on its performances.

The Barnett Wildcat C7 delivers up to 330 FPS for about 91.9 feet per second of kinetic energy with 380-grain bolts at only 125 pounds of draw weight and 14.125″ of power stroke. This light easy to cock crossbow generates enough power to hunt any tough legal game in North America. Heavier overall bolts weight might reduce its speed but increase its momentum and kinetic energy which are the two main elements for a good hunting experience. Its velocity will help you to keep good groupings even with longer distances.

The new Triggertech trigger technology is present in all new 2017 Barnett crossbows. This Frictionless Release Technology creates a free-floating roller between the sear and the trigger for a cleaner crisp break at only 3 pounds of pressure. It eliminates the trigger creep to increase the shooting sensation.

They also changed the arrow retention spring which was susceptible to creates more vibrations for a bristle arrow retention. This device reduces noises and vibrations but increases precision by improving the arrow grip and its alignment on the flight track.

Buy Barnett Wildcat C7 Crossbow Online

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