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Buy Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Online, Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow For Sale Online, Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow In Stock. For days, even weeks, you were searching for that perfect crossbow to start with, hunt with, to offer it to a relative or to give it to one of your offsprings. Your search can stop right here, right now. The Barnett Recruit encompass safety, reliability, design, durability and easy to cock for anybody. Be satisfied by keeping your mind at peace with this “grow with” crossbow at an affordable price and enjoy many outstanding memories with your friends and family.


Identifying the purpose of use should determine the right Recruit to pick. If you still hesitating on which one to choose. Have a look on how to choose a crossbow.


Features Recruit Tactical Recruit Terrain Recruit Black Recruit 100 Recruit 60 Recruit 30
Speed 330 FPS 330 FPS 300 FPS 256 FPS 195 FPS 140 FPS
Mass Weight 6.4 6.4 6.5 6.5 6.2 6.2
Power Stroke 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5
Total Length 34.25 34.25 34.25 34.25 34.25 34.25
Width 16.125” 16.125” 18 18 18 18
Draw Weight 130 lbs. 140 lbs. 130 lbs. 100 lbs. 60 lbs. 30 lbs.
 Hunting Yes, all games  Yes, all games Yes (Not recommended for Tough Games: Cape Buffalo or Moose for example)  Yes, Larger Games but its limit. Excellent for Medium Games  Yes Medium Games (Deer, Turkey) Yes, Smaller Games or Practice shooting for beginners


  • All have pass-through fore grips with finger reminders,
  • All have adjustable butt pads,
  • All have lightweight composite stocks,
  • They all are designed for smaller frame shooters,

The Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Packages Include:

  • All have a Red dot sight,
  • All have a rope cocking device,
  • All have 3 arrow quiver,
  • Only the Recruit Black comes with (3) 20″ Headhunter arrows


The Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Packages come in different colors, velocities and draw weights. This crossbow line was designed for smaller frame archers (women, young adults, etc…) to make this sport even more accessible to anyone who wants a nice hunting or shooting experience with a crossbow. This crossbow is the “grow with” type of crossbow. It comes in six distinct Models. The Recruit Tactical, The Recruit Terrain, The Recruit Black, the Recruit 100 (Tan or Pink), the Recruit 60 and the Recruit 30.

Of course, hunting bigger games like elk or black bear is more of a possibility with the fastest of the same line, like the Recruit 100 (256 FPS) or the Recruit Black (300 FPS) and certainly with the Recruit Tactical or the Terrain (New from 2017 with 330 FPS). The other models like the Recruit 30 (140 FPS) and 60 (195 FPS) are more recommended for practicing and developing a passion for crossbow shooting (perfect for your kids) but the Recruit 60 is efficient enough for a smaller game like deer or turkey. They all feature the same anti-vibration foot stirrup, safety mechanism, and anti-dry-fire system. They also feature a pass-through foregrip with finger reminders for added safety.

Buy Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Online

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