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Barnett HyperGhost 425 Crossbow For Sale Online

Part of the all-new Hyper series, the HyperGhost 425 puts the power in crossbow hunters’ hands to take down game with a single shot. Ultra-deep penetration combined with 425 feet per second of unstoppable speed – all it takes is one lethal hit to finish the job.

This high-performance crossbow comes packaged with Barnett’s exclusive Hyperflite arrows. These .204” small diameter arrows, designed exclusively for use with Hyper crossbows, harness incredible strength and power.

The Barnett HyperGhost 425 Crossbow package includes:

  • 1.5 x 5 x 32 illuminated scope
  • CNC machined aluminum flight track
  • retractable counterbalance underarm support
  • Soft Lok floating bristle arrow retainer
  • Anti-dry fire TriggerTech trigger


  • FPS: 425
  • Draw Weight: 206lb
  • Kinetic Energy: 152 ft lbs
  • Power Stroke 16.3 in.
  • Axle to Axle: 17.6 in.
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