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The.243 Winchester cartridge is a popular cartridge for sport rifles, it launched in 1955. It is and always has been one of the most popular hunting cartridges. It was created as a brief action cartridge for both small and medium games. Animals like mule, pronghorns, white tail, and blacktail deer are all commonly hunted with this cartridge easily. It can be used both with light and heavy shots.
While this cartridge is amazingly accurate and can readily move out to 300 yards or more, but it may lack the fatal energy to drop medium game from a long distance. Hunters choose the.243 Winchester cartridge for its minimal recoil and high velocity.243 Winchester for sale
Due to its high velocity, low recoil, and high accuracy, this cartridge is commonly used by target and metallic silhouette shooters. This cartridge is available in a range of brand labels that provide high-quality ammunition at our website Some of our best-selling products include:
Nosler .243 Winchester
Hornady .243 Winchester
Barnes .243 Winchester
Sierra .243 Winchester
Federal .243 Winchester
Remington .243 Winchester

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Buy 243 Winchester Ammo Online

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