7x57mm Ammo For Sale

7mm mouser. 7x57mm Ammo For Sale Although 7mm Mauser ammo For Sale is largely obsolete for military purposes, the rifle ammo is still widely used for hunting and target shooting. When it was introduced just ahead of the 20th Century, the German-designed rifle cartridge created a standard that inspired countless other designs. When used, 7×57 ammo is often paired with a bolt-action Mauser rifle, a military rifle adopted by dozens of countries and saw action in numerous international conflicts.

Looking at the numbers, 7mm Mauser uses a fairly large bullet that’s 7.25mm in size. The standard military load, weighing 173 grains, has a muzzle velocity of 2,297 feet per second and 2,025 foot-pounds of energy. With those sorts of numbers, the round has a relatively flat trajectory and manageable recoil, which makes it ideal for deer hunting. 7mm Mauser ammo For Sale

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7mm Mauser

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