308 . The .308 Winchester is a famous bottle-necked and rimless cartridge that uses smokeless powder. It is very popular worldwide due to its design and manufacturing. In the difficult conditions, it is designed to help the case of cartridge’s out profile as well its remove the bolt action rifles. It was created in the 1950s, later it became very popular all over the world.308 Winchester Ammo In Stock

You should use it in self-defence weapons and sidearms for increasing the tactical crowd. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that it can be used for both medium-sized games and large-sized games. It has around 4 grooves, and a 305 mm twist. Moreover, its land width is a 4.47 mm land width. If we talk about its maximum pressure, then it is 427.47 MPa. Additionally, the primer type of this cartridge is large rifle.

It highly recommended to be used for hunting the rare caribou, bear, white tail deer and pronghorn, as well as the grizzly brown bears. People often notice the similarities between the.308 Winchester and the 7.62x51mm NATO. However, the.308 Winchester cartridges are higher on pressure than the 7.62x51mm NATO.

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