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History of .30 Carbine Ammo:

A look at the .30 Carbine’s relatively straight, rimless case may lead the unknowing shooter to believe it was designed for a pistol. After all, it looks more like a handgun round than one made for a rifle, but it is not.

Originally created in 1938 as a light rifle cartridge, the 7.62x33mm round would become the most produced small arm for the United States Military during the Second World War. 

The .30 caliber cartridge has a round nose lead bullet with a diameter of 7.62mm, or .308 inch. The case is slightly tapered, with a neck diameter of .331 inches and a base diameter of .354 inches. Overall, the case measures 1.650 inches and has a length of 1.290 inches.

It is designed by Winchester with a small rifle primer and a maximum pressure of 38,500 pounds per square inch (psi). A 110-grain FMJ bullet with an energy of 967 foot-pounds (ft*lb) reaches 1,990 feet per second (fps) and a maximum pressure of 38,500 pounds per square inch (psi).

In addition to the .30 Caliber Carbine, shooters also refer to it as:

  • .30 M1 Carbine
  • .30 SL (where SL stands for self-loading)
  • .762x33mm
  • .30 ammo
  • .30 Cal ammo
  • .30 Cal Carbine ammo
  • M1 ammo

Types of .30 Carbine Ammo:

Various manufacturers offer .30 Carbine ammunition today, including Aguila, Federal, Magtech, Remington, and Winchester.

The most common bullet weight is 110 grains, and it leaves the muzzle at about 2,000 feet per second.

There are several different bullet configurations:

Full metal jacket (FMJ):

The full metal jacket round features a lead bullet covered, or jacketed, in a harder metal, most often copper. This copper allows the bullet to keep its shape as it travels toward its target.

Soft point:

Unlike the FMJ round, the soft point round contains a lead projectile covered in copper, except that the lead tip is exposed. This allows the bullet to expand on impact, which reduces penetration and increases stopping power.

Hollow point:

The hollow-point .30 Carbine cartridge features a jacketed bullet. However, the bullet has a pointed point that reaches inside the projectile instead of being spherical. As a result, the bullet expands massively and uniformly, thereby making it more deadly, while reducing the risk of overpenetration.

Flex Tip Technology (FTX):

Hornady’s FTX bullets are hollow points that are perfect for modern shooters. Designed to have a high velocity and create deep wounds, these bullets combine consistency and performance with new ballistic technology to give shooters the best in self-defense and hunting rounds.

With its history dating back to its beginning, the .30 Carbine is a versatile cartridge that is excellent for a variety of applications. The bullet is large, travels at a moderate velocity, and is effective for both home defense and hunting in most small to medium games.

The .30 Carbine cartridge is available in a variety of action types and is chambered for a number of rifles and pistols. Because the .30 Carbine produces mild recoil and is adequately accurate, its features make it a great choice for new shooters or those looking for a fun centerfire cartridge to plink with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is .30 Carbine ammunition?

This light rifle cartridge has a round nose, with a diameter of .308 inches, and is still in use today. It was the most popular small arms cartridge in World War II. A 110-grain full metal jacket bullet weighing 110 grains was used in the original .30 Carbine bullet, which was capable of reaching 1,990 feet per second and 967 foot-pounds.

What is the future availability of .30 Carbine ammunition?

It is still possible to find ammunition for the .30 Carbine, even though it gained its greatest fame in the Second World War. There are several companies that manufacture .30 Carbine rounds, including Federal, Prvi Partizan, Tula Ammo, and Sellier and Bellot. In addition to the .30-06 and .45 Long Colt rounds, there are also .30 Carbine rounds made by Sellier and Bellot.

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