280 Remington Ammo For Sale

The 280 Remington Ammo, also known as the 7mm-06 Remington and 7mm Express Remington, is a big-game hunting round. When Remington introduced it in 1952, the company released it alongside a variety of hunting rifles. What makes 280 Remington  so interesting is that each rifle has a different action, meaning 280 ammo works well with semi-, pump-, and bolt-action hunting rifles. Not all rifle ammo is that flexible. image

The 280 Remington design was based on the iconic .30-06 cartridge, but it uses a smaller bullet. Instead of .308, the 280 bullet is actually .284-inches in diameter. The 280 cartridge was optimized for bullets weighing 125, 150, and 165 grains. On paper, 280 Remington  with a 150-grain bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,890 feet per second with 2,782 foot-pounds of energy.

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280 Remington Ammo

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