257 Roberts Ammo 

.257 Roberts Ammo

The .257 Roberts Ammo was introduced by Remington Arms in the 1930s, but the design has been around since the 1920s. The designer, Ned Roberts, an American hunter, and ballistician, paired the caliber with a number of parent cartridges until he tuned the wildcat round just right. He ultimately found it worked best with a 7x57mm Mauser case.image

Today, 257 Rob is known as a medium-powered hunting cartridge that strikes the right balance of low recoil and flat trajectory. During testing, 257 Roberts with a 117-grain bullet had a muzzle velocity of 2,650 feet-per-second while packing a 1,824 foot-pound punch. At 500 yards, velocity maintained at 1,199 fps and 373 ft-lbs of energy. Remington and other ammo makers recommend 257 Roberts for hunting big game.

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