25-06 Ammo 

25-06 Ammo

25-06 Ammo is a good choice both for varminting and for hunting large animals, such as elk, because of the wide variety of bullets available. With a lighter, faster, and flatter bullet, the .25-06 ammo offers better accuracy at long distances than .30-06.

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History Of .25-06 Ammo:

His Newton cartridges, including the .22 Savage and .250-3000 Savage, earned him acclaim in the early 1900s as a designer of ammunition. In addition to holding patents for numerous projectiles, he also designed many firearm assemblies, including trigger groups.

In his time, Newton invented a lot of ammunition and firearm mechanisms, and he is best known for the .25-06 cartridge. The case he based it on was necked down to accept a bullet with a diameter of 0.257 inches, derived from a .30-06 case. As a result, the cartridge was remarkably versatile, closer than any other cartridge to being a “one gun for all occasions.”

As early as 1969, Remington was one of the first manufacturers of .25-06 rifles and ammunition, with their Model 700 and Model 40X rifles chambered in .25-06. Many other manufacturers have followed suit since then.

By chambering their Model 700 and Model 40X rifles in .25-06 in 1969, Remington made the wildcat cartridge mainstream. Other manufacturers have since weighed between 87 and 130 grains, and various manufacturers today sell no less than 17 different loads. Shooters can pursue a wide variety of games with these loads, including animals as diverse as prairie dogs and elk.

With the .25-06 rifle, 100-grain soft point bullets are launched at 3,230 feet per second out of the muzzle of the rifle. With muzzle energy exceeding 2,300 foot-pounds, bullets can weigh between 87 grains and 130 grains, and 17 different loads are available today. With these loads, shooters can hunt prairie dogs and elk as well as a wide variety of games.

For good reason, US hunters continue to use the .25-06 on a regular basis as it is a versatile, portable caliber.

.25-06 Ammo: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the equivalent of a 25-06?

There is no discernible difference between the 25-06 and 270 cartridges. While the .270 features a longer case and an overall length slightly longer than the .25-06, they are both of the same sizes and can take advantage of standard and long-action rifles.

What is the accuracy of the 25-06?

This rifle’s muzzle velocity was 3,160 fps when it was loaded with 52.5 grains of IMR 4831 powder, and the accuracy was exceptional at 100 yards, with groups less than 1/2 inch.

Does a 25-06 work well for moose?

As a quick answer, yes, a 25-06 will work for moose as long as the shot is placed correctly.

Is 25-06 effective for hunting elk?

A 25/06 shot is absolutely necessary when hunting big mule deer and elk. There are plenty of controlled-expansion bullets to choose from, such as 115-grain Barnes Triple Shocks and 120-grain Nosler Partitions, Swift A-Frames, and Speer Grand Slams.

Where Can I Find .25-06 Ammo

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