204 Ruger Ammo

204 Ruger Ammo

204 Ruger Ammo was the result of a collaborative project between ammo maker Hornady and gun maker Sturm, Ruger & Company. Together, they wanted to make an extremely high velocity round. And their efforts did not disappoint. On paper, 204  ammo using 24-grain bullets has a velocity of 4,400 feet per second and 1,032 foot-pounds of energy. The bullet will maintain high velocity even at 500 yards with 1,500 fps. Today, .204 Ammo is one of the highest velocity cartridges available in the commercial market.

Alongside Hornady’s release of 204 ammo in 2004, Ruger released a series of bolt-action rifles chambered for the high-speed round. These rifles were designed for hunting and target shooting. Now, there are a variety of other gun manufacturers making rifles, including AR15s, chambered for .204 ammo. As a hunting round, shooters have found it works best for varmints, including predators like coyotes.

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