44 Mag Ammo 

44 Magnum Ammo

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The History of 44 MAGNUM

In 1956, the .44 Remington Magnum was introduced to the American public for its iconic properties and efficiency. This large-bore cartridge was developed by gun writer Elmer Keith in collaboration with firearms manufacturers Smith & Wesson and Remington Arms Company. It was also for many years the world’s strongest handgun cartridge. With today’s modern ammunition, the .44 Mag may not be as strong or as big, but it remains a tried-and-true favorite coast to coast.

240 grain bullets weigh 240 grains (gr), travel at a speed of 1,350 feet per second (fps), and generate 971 foot pounds of muzzle energy (ft*lbs). This round has a lead bullet that is .429 inches long and sits in a 1.285-inch case with a straight wall. There is a total length of 1.61 inches to each round of ammunition, and they use a large pistol primer and can be loaded up to 36,000 pounds per square inch (psi).

In spite of the slightly longer case of the .44 Mag, it doesn’t hold more powder than its older sibling, the .44 S&W Special. The stronger bullets were designed this way to prevent accidental loading of .44 Special revolvers, which would not have been able to handle the Magnum’s power. Due to this, revolvers chambered for .44 Magnum can fire .44 Special rounds, but .44 Mags cannot be fired from revolvers chambered for .44 Special rounds.

Is the 44 mag ammo a better choice over the 45 ACP?

A comparison of the .44 Mag ammo and the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) is often referred to as apples to apples, but in reality, both ammunition exhibit similar characteristics. There is a slight difference in size between the .45 ACP and the .44 Mag bullets (.451 inch versus .429 inch), but the cartridges are shorter, with the total length being .335 inches shorter.

In terms of performance, things become more significant. SAAMI states that the .44 Mag ammo  is rated at 36,000 psi and is intended for revolvers, whereas the semi-automatic .45 ACP, which has been around for 100 years, is only rated at 21,000 psi. This pressure plays a significant role in the cartridge’s performance. It can reach a velocity of 1,180 fps with a muzzle energy of 741 ft*lb. The muzzle energy of a 230 gr .45 ACP is 356 ft*lb. A 230 gr .45 ACP bullet travels at 835 fps.

This ballistics makes the .44 Mag more difficult to control than the .45 ACP when shooting. As a result, some law enforcement officers still carry the ACP in their holsters, while the .44 Mag is often considered too big to be used as a duty gun. Given that the ACP was originally designed for self-defense and duty, and the .44 Mag was originally designed to hunt large game in the United States, this makes sense.

There is one advantage to the .45 ACP over the .44 Mag in its carrying capacity. Semiautomatic firearms chambered for .45 ACP are easy to conceal and typically hold eight to fifteen rounds. .44 mag revolvers hold no more than six rounds and are usually large, heavy weapons that are hard to conceal. Also, they take longer to reload, making them more useful in self-defense situations. 44 Magnum Ammo For Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful ammunition for the .44 magnum?

Due to its origin as a revolver hunting cartridge, .44 Magnum ammo is highly powerful and capable of harvesting large game, including black bear, cape buffalo, and elk. In addition to reaching supersonic speed, large bore ammo also has huge stopping power. If you want the strongest rounds, try Federal or Hornady hollow points or specialty rounds

What is the price of 44 magnum ammo?

It is important to know the type and quantity of ammo you purchase when buying .44 Mag ammo. The average price for .44 Magnum rounds ranges between $0.58 and $1.40. Soft point ammo is more affordable than specialty rounds, such as Barnes Vortex, and bulk ammo is less expensive than purchasing individual boxes.

Is it possible to use other ammunition in a 44 Magnum pistol or rifle?

Also known as the .44 S&W, .44 Special rounds can be fired in pistols and carbines chambered for .44 Magnum. In much the same manner as the .357 Magnum was made longer to prevent it from loading into firearms chambered for .44 Special, the .44 Mag was given a long casing in order to prevent it from being loaded into firearms chambered for .38 Special.

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