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Federal Ammunition manufacturers are based in Anoka, Minnesota. It was launched by Charles L. Horn in 1922. Later, William B. Horn introduced the centrefire rifle and shotshell ammunition in 1977. Federal Ammo manufacturers make a wide variety of ammunition like centerfire, shotshell, and rimfire for different purposes and use. 

Different Federal Ammo for Different Firearms

Rifle: A rifle is a long-barreled weapon designed for targeting and shooting accurately. Federal Ammo manufactures Gold Medal 6.5 Creedmoor, Eagle Rifle 224 Valkyrie, Sierra Match King 6 mm Creedmoor and American Eagle Rifle 223 Rem, and many more for rifles. The federal ammo for rifles is easy to use, but they all weigh different. However, all these bullets are designed to be used in rifles for target shooting, safari, and hunting games.

Handgun: A handgun is a short-barreled weapon. It was designed to be held and use easily even in one hand. There are many sub-types for handguns, but Federal Ammo manufactures a variety of bullets for handguns. The top-selling products for handguns are American Eagle Champion Training – Rimfire 22 Long Rifle Handgun 9mm Luger, American Eagle Handgun 380 Auto, American Eagle Handgun 10mm Auto, and Personal Defense HST Micro 9mm Luger. All these bullets are different in sizes and weight but manufactured in high quality by Federal Ammunition. You can use these bullets for target shooting, training, and as well self-defense. 

Rimfire: It is a type of metallic weapon cartridge. Its primer is located within the hollow circumferential rim extending from the base of the casing. So, when it is fired, the firing pin strikes and crushes the rim against the barrel breech’s edge. It sparks the primer compound and turns to ignite the propellant in the case. Champion Rimfire 22 Long Rifle, Personal Defense Punch Rimfire 22 LR, Small Game 22 LR, Varmint & Predator 17 HMR are some of the top rimfire bullets manufactured by Federal Ammunition. You choose from a variety of bullets from our store. Rimfire bullets are ideal for personal defense, small games, targeting shooting, and varmint. As compared to other bullets, rimfire bullets are light in weight increasing the efficiency and speed.

Shot Shell: Shotshells are ammunition for shotguns, they are armed with different spherical projectiles (shots). Shotshells are ideally made for rifles and handguns. Federal Ammo manufactured shotshells for medium and big games, self-defense, target shooting, hunting, and other shooting competitions. Top Gun 12 Gauge, Personal Defense Shotshell Force X2, Buckshot 12 Gauge, Top Gun Sporting 28 Gauge are our top-selling products for shotguns by Federal Ammo. 

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