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CCI Ammo is a pioneer of the ammunition industry. It holds fame because they manufacture all types of weapons like pistols, rifles, bullets, explosives, and others. The manufacturer is producing all kinds of high-velocity and smoke-free products. All these are designed with modern technology and specifications. They have been working in this field for so long to have made their prestige in the world. So, you are interested in buying high-quality ammunition? If your concern is getting a quality shot, you must purchase bulk CCI Ammunition from our reliable online store We are always offering superior quality ammunition and have cheap CCI Ammunition.  

About Ci Ammo

The CCI Ammo strives for excellence, and they are manufacturing ammo of all kinds and levels. In the start, they were making arms that were primarily for short-range shooting. However, they are making short- and long-range shooting ammunition due to their high muzzle velocity. It is the pellet manufacturing company that holds the largest market share in ammunition and gun manufacturing in the industry across the globe.

Different Ammunition by CCI Ammo 

It produces and develops artillery, ammunition, bombs, small arms, and related parts. They make large defense arms, minor small arms, and others, but they use to develop more lethal products.


 It is a long-barreled weapon formed for shooting and targeting accurately. The best-selling items are several, and you will come to know about them on their website. You will love these products due to all their dynamic features, like the range of shooting of this gun is 20 to 30 meters. Its ammo size is 7 to 8 mm. The magazine of the rifles also holds high storage space. It also has a single and semi-firing switch.


Give a stop to your search because you will get guns of all types and users here. The most suitable spot for your start with the range of its shooting is 15 to 20 meters. The size of its ammo is 7 to 8 mm. It is a magazine-fed. However, the users can separate the gun parts, which means it is a portable item. It has a battery, which can be charged with a USB charging cable. It comes with a stand.

  • It is easy to carry, as you can remove its accessories and assemble them again when you want to.
  • Lightweight, easy to grip
  • Highly functional and suitable for the majority of the beginners

Rim Fire

It is a kind of metallic weapon cartridge. The firing pin strikes and breaks the rim against the edge of the barrel breech. It sparks the central compound and turns to ignite the fuel in the case. 

Where to buy authentic online CCI Ammo? is a reliable name in the field of online ammunition stores. You can get all types of high-quality weapons in the store online. Amid the global pandemic, people are preferring buying all kinds of products online. The age of technology allows everyone to have superior-class cheap and bulk ammunition at your doorstep without worrying about the quality. Because we always have fresh stock coming directly from the manufacturers at very affordable pricing for our customers. 

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